St. Petersburg Branch Office

Picture of St Petersburg Branch Office

St. Petersburg Judicial Building
545 1st Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone (727) 464-7000
Fax (727) 582-7990
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The following services are provided at the St. Petersburg Branch Office:

  •  Issue Marriage Licenses and perform Marriage Ceremonies
  •  Assist with Passport Applications Process
  •  Record and Image legal documents into the Official Records
  •  Provide public access to the Official Records
  •  Accept Traffic Citation payments.
  •  Intake Probate cases and pleadings.
  •  Intake all kinds of Civil cases for both Circuit and County Court, including:
  •  Intake new foreclosure actions
  •  Conduct foreclosure sales
  •  Intake all types of Small Claims actions
  •  Order files to be sent from other locations for view at this office
  •  Provide copies of Official Records, other court documents, and subdivision plats
  •  Issue certain types of summons on the Original Complaint: Alias Summons,
         Pluries Summons and on Supplemental Complaints Subpoenas
  •  Accept Child Support payments:
  • The St. Petersburg Self Help Center
    Attorney appointments may be scheduled for Monday and/or Wednesday.
    St. Petersburg Judicial Building
    545 First Avenue North, St Petersburg, FL 33701
    Phone: (727) 582-7941
    Fax: (727) 582-7945