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The Clerk's office has a variety of useful topics, which the Clerk, Ken Burke, or a representative of his office, would enjoy presenting to your organization. The Clerk's office Speaker's Bureau was developed to arrange presentations that will further extend our community outreach efforts.

These presentations can be of interest to civic groups, private clubs, community organizations and schools. Allow us to help you plan an interesting, educational and informative program by including a Pinellas County Clerk of the Court speaker.

To request a speaker, contact Vanessa Castrogiovanni, Communications Coordinator, at (727) 464-3423, FAX: (727) 453-3589 or vcastrogiovanni@mypinellasclerk.org.

The Clerk's office looks forward to assisting you with your presentation. Please note we will make every attempt to schedule your requested speaker on the date of your choice. However, it may sometimes be necessary to change dates or topics during times of heavy bookings to meet all requests.

The Role of the Clerk - Learn about the present-day role of the Clerk and the departments within the Clerk’s office. This presentation will offer an explanation of services provided by the Clerk’s various departments, as well as, identify customer service improvements incorporated to ensure the Clerk’s office provides excellent customer service with commitment to work and compassion for others.

Financial Transparency in Government Spending - This presentation focuses on the new “Spending in the Sunshine” website which is centered on the public’s right to open government. Using this site, citizens can view detailed financial transactions within Pinellas County government and easily track every penny spent. Learn how much information can be easily accessed with just the click of a button.

Fraud Alert Service - This presentation focuses on a FREE public service offered by the Pinellas County Clerk’s office that can help you detect fraudulent documents recorded with your name in the Clerk’s Official Records. Customers signing up for this service will be notified, by phone or email, of any document recorded with their name in the Official Records of the Pinellas County Clerk’s office. Recordable documents include deeds and mortgages among many others. According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime. Don’t delay, learn how you can stay informed of what’s being recorded in the Official Records today!

The Guardianship Process: What is the Clerk’s Function? - What is the statutory auditing role performed by the Clerk in protecting the ward’s assets? How does the Clerk’s office function in the guardianship process? Find out in this informative look at the responsibilities of both the guardian and the Clerk.

Protecting Confidential Information in Public Records - Are your bank, credit card and social security numbers available for public viewing online in your recorded deeds and other records? Learn how to use the Clerk’s website to locate your records online and how to request your protected information be redacted, or blacked-out of these documents. Learn more about the role of the Clerk in this redaction process and the steps being taken to simplify the process for you.

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How to Effectively Manage Your Staff” - This presentation on the leadership philosophy of the Clerk’s office, takes a look at the changes in the management style and philosophy made during the past year and a half and the employees’ reaction to the changes. Find out specific skills or methods used for successfully leading and managing staff.

The “People’s Court”: Small Claims Cases, Self-representation and more - This presentation will cover the basics of filing a small claims case, the tools and information available from the Clerk’s office and on the Clerk’s website, as well as, provide information on the various legal assistance programs available in Pinellas County.

Overview of the Clerk’s Online Services - You can accomplish a lot online at the Clerk’s website. Learn how to access to public records, court dockets, BCC meeting minutes, a small claims video, useful forms and information from every department in the Clerk’s office online!

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